March 16 cusp astrology

This makes you a great boss and even greater friend. Your natural enthusiasm vibrates emotional understanding and sensuality. You are equipped with a high intellect and phenomenally inspired mind. This encourages you to be a super achiever.

Dates: March 17 - 23

You can be passionately concerned about things or overwrought by conditions. You feel for the disadvantaged, animals and the environment. Your pioneering mind challenges you to bring about positive change for others.

Sabian Symbol

Your love of life makes you a good mixer, bright, lively and comical companion. They quickly become addicted to everything, and so in love in which they see the purpose of existence. Advice for them could be that they should find some balance, and to never let themselves to neglect someone or something in their lives, for the sake of love. We have already said that the people who belong to this date of birth are those who can change their projects, occupation, etc.

Sometimes this change in careers is good; sometimes it can lead them in the wrong way. Often it happens that because of their nature they give up on a project, and they are looking for the culprit in one of their subordinate authorities. However, the problem is realistically found in their unstable nature so that these people should deal with a job that is both inspiring and practical. These individuals can also experience a problem with the financial side of their lives — the problem with money is one of the basic when it comes to people born on March 16th.

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Finding a living space as well as building a family is one of the significant life challenges for these people since they change their purpose so often. Only when they are sure to master the practical things of everyday life these people can relax and enjoy themselves. As all Pisces, they are the most successful when they find a job they really enjoy.

This symbolically gives them a significant amount of creative energy, but they can lose touch with reality which they often do in their lives. They explore the truth about nature and existence because they are not ready to accept traditional views and explanations.

Neptune has a significant influence on people born on March 16, since it is also the ruler of the Pisces sign, bringing fantasies, religious feelings, and dreaming that the practical side of life in these people is ignored. Now is the time for you to take an in-depth look at the Historical events that happened on the March 16th, and some of these events go in the period before the Christ.

C — The Babylonians captured Jerusalem, and instead of Jehoiachin, they installed Zedekiah for the king. Reformers, astronomers, writers, directors — all things connected to an exhibition of creativity and intellect. And maybe all of you, who are born on the March 16, can find some inspiration in these remarkable people. They forgive the mistakes their parents may have made. They know their youngsters' wants and needs instinctively.

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Their sensitivity lets them transcend generational differences and focus on issues that count. The health of March 16 people is linked to their inner life.

Born on the Pisces-Aries Cusp

If they're able to indulge their need for a creative outlet, they'll maintain a harmonious balance between their worldly and spiritual realities. They can find themselves through meditation and asceticism. People born on this date often have a hard time deciding which career to follow.

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  • They need to find a harmonious balance between their career and personal life. If they strive too hard to make money, this balance could be upset.